Friday, October 19, 2018

Chevrolet Cruze Allows You to Stay Connected While On the Go

No car, no matter how big or small, is complete these days without the technology necessary to keep you connected with the rest of the world. One of the reasons that the Chevrolet Cruze is one of the most popular compact cars is Chevrolet MyLink with a 7-inch diagonal color touch-screen, a standard feature in all models, that provides easy access to your music and apps.

Depending on the mobile platform you use, you'll get support for either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto that gives you access to maps, phone calls, and more. You'll also get the option of the myChevrolet Mobile App that provides you with additional information about your car.

That just touches the surface of how you can remain connected in the Cruze. To find out more, stop by the Knoepfler Chevrolet showroom to talk with one of our knowledgeable and friendly sales associates.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Service at Knoepfler Chevrolet

Here at Knoepfler Chevrolet, we know that you may dread car repairs. We hear you! Repairs can get expensive, and just the thought of not having free access to your car while it's being repaired tends to put a little stress on drivers. What can we do to help alleviate some of those stresses so that you'll consider routine service for your car, truck, or SUV?

Having your car serviced at your local dealership can greatly reduce the some of the stress associated with being separated from your vehicle during repairs. Most dealerships provide you with a shuttle, loaner vehicle, or a comfortable waiting lounge so that you won't have to worry about arranging transportation. Also, the employees that work for dealerships are proficient in working on your particular make and model, unlike the local repair shop. You know the work will be done right.

Dealerships also use parts that are specifically manufactured for your exact car make and model. These parts are produced in plants with strict safety guidelines, so the safety of your authentic Chevrolet parts are never in question. If you take your car elsewhere, there is always a chance you are not getting good and reliable parts. We invite you to set up Chevy service at our dealership in Sioux City, IA soon!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

An iconic 1928 Rolls Royce makes a pit stop at Knoepfler Chevrolet

On August 7, a 1928 Rolls-Royce owned by Irving F. Jensen III made a pit stop at Knoepfler Chevrolet before heading to the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance car show. Knoepfler Chevrolet employees and the local media were invited to view this beautiful vehicle.

The 1928 Rolls-Royce is a Phantom I dual-cowl Torpedo Phaeton, with coachwork by Barker and Co. The original owner of the car was Sir John Harmsworth, Founder of Perrier Sparkling MineralWater. Irving Jensen J. became the fifth owner with Irving F. Jensen now being the seventh owner.

The Jensen family commonly refers to the car as “The Duchess”. The car was shown in at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance by Irving Jensen J. and his son in 1976 where it won 3rd place. The only points lost were due to lack of some of the original accessories, which were in place for this year's show.

This year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance took place August 23 - August 26 and "The Duchess" won 2nd place! It was an honor to view this beautiful vehicle. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Knoepfler Chevrolet Car Show 2018

The Knoepfler Chevrolet Car Show was once again a success! It took place on Saturday, June 30. This year the Car Show took on a new location! It was moved the Tyson Event Center's west parking lot.

The free event kicked off around 1:00 PM, but cars arrived much earlier to claim their spots. The first 100 show cars received goody bags and dash plaques. An estimated 250 cars were shown at the event. Guests were able to check out a variety of new and classic cars and chat with the vehicle owners.

The children's area featured face painting, tattoos, a bounce house and a ninja warrior obstacle course put on by Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.

An aroma of delicious foods greeted guests upon their arrival! Spectators had their pick of La Juanita's Mexican food or Boss Hog BBQ with both food trucks being on site for the occasion.

A visit to the registration booth gave guests an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for prizes such as Old Dominion concert tickets donated by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, a kids' pedal tractor donated by Bomgaars, a vehicle detail donated by Knoepfler Chevrolet and much more. Car Show t-shirts were also sold. All proceeds benefited the Children's Shelter of the Crittenton Center as part of the Cars for Kids fundraiser. A huge thank you goes out to all who purchased raffle tickets and t-shirts!

The Knoepfler Chevrolet Car Show committee gave out only one award - the Knoepfler Pick. This award goes to one vehicle that really stood out to them. Congratulations to Rocky Fey, owner of our 2018 Knoepfler Pick, this beautiful 1957 Chevy Bel Air!

To view more photos from the 2018 Car Show, view our Car Show Facebook Album.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

2019 Silverado

A New Generation of Silverados

There's a reason why Chevrolet trucks have continuously been proven to be durable and reliable for 100 years. Built with customers in mind, each truck that Chevrolet develops offers comfortable amenities, while at the same time offering the reliability to complete the toughest jobs. With this in mind, Chevrolet rolled out the new 2019 Silverado two months ago featuring eight new models for different truck customers. 
Improved Aerodynamics:A new design offers a sleeker more aerodynamic vehicle without sacrificing the look and feel of a Chevrolet Silverado. The front of the vehicle includes front air curtains that reduce drag by routing air around the front wheel wells. An integrated spoiler on the rear edge of the cab reduces wind drag from the bed. All of these aerodynamic improvements lead to a 7 percent increase in the truck's aerodynamics.

Larger and lighter: The 2019 Silverado includes a wheelbase that is 3.9 inches longer and is 1.6 inches longer. Even with the extra length, the 2019 Silverado weighs only 450 pounds when comparing crew cab V-8 models. 

Better interior: Since trucks are used to transport both cargo and people, the interior of the truck is an important detail to Chevrolet. Offering more leg room and interior cargo space, the interior of the 2019 Silverado is more functional than ever. 

Improved Bed: Chevrolet developed a short-box bed that offers 63 cubic feet of volume. Along with the added space, Chevrolet also added storage bins over the wheel wells that offer another 7 cubic feed of lockable cargo space.The 2019 Silverado's bed is made with higher-grade steel than before increasing the yield strength from 340 to 500 megapascals of pressure.

Built to Work: The 2019 Silverado will be available with a 120v outlet and LED Rear task lighting in order to make work easier. Three fixed tie downs are welded into each corner of the bed to help keep cargo secure. Larger footwells on the the bumper make getting in and out of the bed easier. 

No One Size Fits All:  Available in eight different trim levels, the new 2019 Silverado will offer something for everyone. General Motors identified three distinct buyer profiles and designed the trim level accordingly.
  • High value: Want capability of full-size truck at a great value.
  • High volume: Want the capability of full-size truck with the comforts of a passenger vehicle.
  • High feature: Want capability of a full-size tuck with the luxury-car refinement. 
2019 Silverado Trim Levels:
High value:
2019 Silverado Work Truck
Work Truck
  • Work Truck: Blacked-out trim with 17-inch steel wheels for durability. The interior includes durable vinyl cloth seats and 7-inch color touch screen.
  • Custom: Body-color styling theme with 20-inch painted aluminum wheels and LED taillamps.
  • Custom Trail Boss (new for 2019): Off-road equipment is added to the Custom which includes 2-inch suspension lift and the Z71 Off-Road package.
High Volume:
2019 Silverado LT Trail Boss
LT Trail Boss
  • LT: Chrome accents on the bumpers, front grille, and mirror caps. LED reflector headlamps with signature daytime running lights. The interior includes an 8-inch color touch screen and available leather seats.
  • RST (new for 2019): A street performance look including body-color trim, full LED lighting, and up to 22-in wheels.
  • LT Trail Boss (new for 2019): Off-road equipment meets the LT. This trim includes 2-inch suspension lift and the Z71 Off-Road package.
High Feature: 
2019 Silverado High Country
High Country

  • LTZ: Same as the LT, the LTZ has chrome accents on the bumpers, front grille, and mirror caps. The LTZ also has chrome accents on the door handles and hockey-stick beltline. Power folding and heated outside rearview mirrors along with leather interior trim are also included.
  • High Country: The front grille features two-tone chrome and a bronze finish. Body-color accent and chrome assist steps from wheel to wheel are also included. The High Country trim also comes with the power up/down tailgate.

"With the all-new Silverado, we've taken the best truck on the road and made it even better."Mark Reuss, General Motors executive vice president of Global Product Development 

*Knoepfler Chevrolet does not currently carry the 2019 Silverado Models. 

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

With the weather continuing to cool down, we thought it would be helpful to include some tips on how to safely drive during wintery conditions. We hope that you and your family take all the precautions to be safe while you travel on the road.

Before you leave:

  • Get your car serviced to make sure everything is working and that you have no leaks. It is better to do this before you leave than facing a car problem on the road.
  • Clean off any snow or ice that may have accumulated on the vehicle. 
  • Make sure you have enough fuel in your vehicle and fill your gas tank if you have to.
  • Stock your vehicle with any emergency supplies you may need such as a blanket, flashlight, food, and water. (See for additional supplies).
  • Check the weather and road conditions. If the roads are bad, wait until they get better.
  • Notify someone when you are leaving and where you are headed. This way if you get lost someone knows where you are.
 For information regarding the road condition in Iowa visit: 

When Driving:

  • Stay alert to changing conditions and be prepared to stop if necessary. It's better to be late than try to drive through a storm.
  • Drive slowly and watch for ice patches. Black ice is hard to see and can cause a vehicle to lose control.
  • Follow at a distance that will allow you enough time to stop your vehicle if you slide. 
  • DO NOT text and drive. Keep your eyes on the road.
  • If you are feeling tired, pull over and rest for a little while. 
  • DO NOT crowd snow plows on the road. Snow plows are trying to clear the road and need space to do so.
In an Emergency:

  • Stay with your vehicle. A vehicle is easier to find than a person.
  • Conserve your car's battery.
  • DO NOT run your vehicle for long periods of time with your windows up. If you have to run the car, clear the exhaust pipe of any debris and run the car only as long as you need to.
  • Avoid exerting too much energy. Overexertion make you hot and sweaty which can cause hypothermia.
  • Make your vehicle as visible as possible. Use anything you can to make your car more visible to people. If you do not have florescent material use something that is bright and will attract attention.  

For more information about staying safe during the winter, click on one of the following links:   

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to make sure your car is safe for the winter.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Century of Chevy Durability

A Century of Chevy Durability

For 100 years, Chevy trucks have been working alongside the hard working American ensuring their success. From the plains of South Dakota and Nebraska, to the rolling hills of Iowa, Chevy trucks have been through it all. As we enter into 2018, let us look back at the history of the trucks that have helped so many Americans.

1918: Chevrolet One-Ton
With its 3.67L OHV 4-Cylinder engine and its 36 horsepower, the Chevy One-Ton was the first purpose-built truck. Built with an open cab and frame, this tuck allowed customers to install their preferred body.

1929: Chevrolet International Series AC Light Deliver

Featuring a 3.18L OHV 6-cylinder engine with 46 horsepower, the Chevy AC Light Deliver was the first of its kind. Offering a closed cab, this truck provided the comfort wanted by many buyers.

1938: Chevrolet Half-Ton
Offering a more sleek and attractive look and feel, this truck provided 78 horsepower with a 3.5L I-6 engine. The 1938 Chevrolet Half-Ton paved the road for the newer and sleeker designed trucks that would soon follow.

1947 Chevrolet 3100 Series 
Built after World War II the 1947 Chevrolet 3100 Series contained the same engine as the 1938 Half-Ton. Unlike its predecessor the truck offered a sleeker design with a more rounded profile and 5-bar horizontal grille. The truck also offered room for three people, a heater/defroster, and an in-dash radio.

1955 Chevrolet 3124 Series Cameo Carrier
Producing 123 horsepower with its 3.85L I-6 engine, the 1955 Chevrolet 3124 Series was the first "fleetside" (flat sided) truck in the industry. It also offered more luxuries to the consumer such as two-toned paint, an updated interior, and car-style seating. 

1967 Chevrolet C/K10 Series

With a much bigger 4.79L I-6 engine, the 1967 Chevrolet c/K10 Series could produce 153 horsepower. Much like its predecessor it also had flat sides with a sleeker and cleaner look. 

1973 Chevrolet C30 One-Ton Dually
Proving that bigger is better, the 1973 Chevrolet C30 One-Ton Dually was the first crew cab truck. Under its hood was a 5.7L V8 engine with the power to generate 155 horsepower. Offering room for six, it was the unlike any other truck on the road.

1988 Chevrolet C/K1500
Being the fourth of the C/K Series the 1988 Chevrolet C/K 1500 was introduced with ability to shift from 4 wheel to 2 wheel drive at any speed. It came with a 5.7L V8 engine and the ability to generate 185 horsepower.

1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
As Chevrolet's first Silverado 1500 the 1999 offered a newer and sleeker design made to improve aerodynamics. Generating 270 horsepower with a 5.3L V8 engine it provided more than enough power to complete the toughest job.

2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Offering a new resigned Silverado the second generation Silverado is built on the GMT900 platform. It generates 315 horsepower with a 5.3L V8 engine which provides more than enough power to accomplish day to day tasks.

2018 Centennial Silverado/ 2018 Centennial Colorado 
With a much larger 6.2L V8 engine the new 2018 Silverado generates 420 horsepower. The 2018 Colorado offers 308 horsepower with a smaller 3.6L DOHC V6 engine.

For more information about the 2018 Chevrolet Centennial visit:

Knoepfler Chevrolet is proud to provide Siouxland 95 years of Chevrolet Trucks. Although the trucks have changed, our dedication to YOU remains the same.

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