Friday, December 22, 2017

12 Days of Giving

This Holiday Season, Knoepfler Chevrolet and Your Tri-State Chevy Dealers gave back in a big way…for 12 days! During our 12 Days of Giving event, we gave out one gift a day for 12 days to a deserving person or family in need. We took nominations and received numerous responses! It was hard to narrow it down, because so many people were deserving of a gift or pick-me-up this holiday season. Here is a recap of all the gifts giving out during our 2017 12 Days of Giving event:

Day 1 - December 7: Today we handed out Christmas gifts to a family who is having some financial hardships due to their father's health troubles. The family was nominated by their teenage son, who knew his mother was worried they wouldn't be able to provide a good Christmas for his two younger siblings. Our nominator writes, "My mom and dad are the most selfless people you will ever meet. Even when they might need help, they are willing to give it all they have if it means someone else is being cared for and helped." We were very impressed with how selfless and caring this young man was as well. We hope these gifts ease your parents' worries and bring joy to your younger siblings!

Day 2 - December 8: Today's recipients are dealing with a recent loss of a family member. Our recipient, a recently made single father, received the gift of a paid off electric bill. He was nominated by the mother of his late girlfriend who writes, "When this unexpected turn of events happens, you don't know what to do." It also came to our attention that our nominator has been trying to pay off her late daughter's layaway bill. We took care of that bill as well. We hope these gifts help this family during their tough time of loss.

Day 3 - December 11: Today's recipient was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year which forced her to close her business. She has to make weekly trips to Omaha to receive chemotherapy treatment. Her nominator writes about our recipient and her husband, "Both have been known to table their commitments to help others. I am requesting any help for them as they are not only worthy, but too proud to ask." Today they received fuel cards to help with their travel expense to and from appointments.

Day 4 - December 12: Today's recipient has been out of work due to back surgery. But that didn't stop her from opening her home to her niece and nephew during her family's time of need. Her nominator writes, "She puts her needs and wants aside to help everyone else out and will never ask anyone for help. I think she is very deserving of something like this to show her that there are people out there that do care and do appreciate people like her that go above and beyond for anyone and everyone." Her gift from Knoepfler Chevrolet was a paid electric bill and a grocery gift card to help with some of her family's expenses. Thanks for all you do! It does not go unnoticed.

Day 5 - December 13: Today’s recipient, Stanley was nominated by his wife, Karen. She writes, “He is very giving to anyone in need. He works very hard to make sure we all have what we need to the point where he puts himself last. His tires are getting worn out, but he puts everyone’s needs in front of his own. He is a wonderful man with a huge heart that never says no to anyone in need of anything.” We surprised Stanley with a gift certificate to get 4 brand new tires installed at Knoepfler Chevrolet! We are happy to be doing something special for him this holiday season!

Day 6 - December 14: Today's recipient has 3 children of her own and adopted 4 more from her extended family. She was nominated by her friend, who writes "If given the choice between buying something for herself or the kids, Wendy will always pick the kids or a family member in need. She has been selfless with her life and dedicated it to all her children. She makes sure they are safe and well taken care of at all times. Wendy absolutely needs a day of self care." Our gift to Wendy is a gift card to Belle Touche Salon and Spa to get a massage as well as her hair and nails done. We hope she enjoys taking some time for herself!

Day 7 - December 15: Today's recipient is a hardworking mom with two children who's struggling to make ends meet. Her nominator writes, "She is a person who would never ask for help. She doesn't want anyone to know that she is struggling. I just feel that she is so deserving of this. She would be so excited to be picked." Today we gave our recipient Christmas gifts for both of her children as well as a Hy-Vee gift card. We hope this helps out her family this holiday season!

Day 8 - December 18: Today's recipients are Doc and Connie. Doc had knee surgery for a replacement back in April. Due to complications, he had to have numerous more replacements done since then which has caused him to be off of work for over 8 months. This along with other circumstances has made things pretty tough. Their nominator writes, "They would be the first people to do anything for anyone. Together they have multiple children and they treat all of them as their own and would do anything they could for them, including instilling in them the best attitudes and the way you should treat people." Their gift was a Hy-Vee gift card to help out with some of their expenses. We hope this helps and that Doc has a speedy recovery!

Day 9 - December 19: Today's recipients are Jason and Laura. They were nominated by their friend, Tim, who writes, "They need a washer and dryer. They have six kids between them and have to go to the laundromat once a week or more. They are both very nice people that are a joy to be around. If they had their own washer and dryer, it would make a big difference for them. It would allow them to spend more time at home with their kids and would also save them money." We hope you enjoy your new washer and dryer!

Day 10 - December 20: Today's recipients had a house fire earlier this year. Due to the damage, three of the six family members have been sharing a twin sized bed. They are slowly getting things back to normal in their house, but with bills, car repairs and other expenses, they haven't been able to purchase a bigger bed. The nominator writes, "She works so hard and so much that this would really take some stress off of her. Since the house fire, she has been working 6 nights a week to replace what they have lost." Today's gift was a queen sized bed for this family. We hope you all sleep well tonight

Day 11 - December 21: Today’s recipient is a single mother with 8 kids with 4 being under the age of 4. Her recipient writes, “She is a hard worker and a good deserving mother. Her children adore her. The family has gone through hardships and still manage to maintain their bond together. Today we gave this family two cribs and a 3-passenger stroller.

Day 12 - December 22: Today’s recipients are a young couple with a 6 month old son. Their son was born 9 weeks early needing to be in the NICU for 5 weeks to save his life. Their nominator writes, “This family could use anything to bring happiness and joy. The father is working many hours to make up for lost wages and to catch up on rent, utilities and food. Their vehicle has been hit 3 times since their baby has been born, with the last one totaling their car. They need a dependable vehicle to get their son to his doctor appointments, get daddy to work, the grocery store, the pharmacy and other every day places.” Today this family received diapers, clothes and other baby supplies as well as a pre-owned vehicle!

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