Friday, January 8, 2016

Customer Interview: Alison S.

We interviewed customers who purchased vehicles at Knoepfler Chevrolet to find out about their experience. Here is a bit about Alison and her purchase:

Customer Profile: Alison Seuntjens

Birthplace/Hometown: Kingsley, IA

Family: Two children - Sydney and Carson

What did you purchase? 2015 Chevy Equinox LT AWD

Favorite Features of the Equinox: Even though its a smaller SUV, I like the fact that I still have the space I need and all-wheel-drive feature.

Why were you in the market for a new vehicle? I was in the market for a a new vehicle to replace by GMC Acadia. I wanted something smaller and with better gas mileage, however I still wanted a vehicle with AWD.

Why did you make your purchase at Knoepfler Chevrolet? I researched small SUVs online and then began comparison shopping online with a couple dealerships. I knew what my vehicle was worth and what I was able to spend. I inquired about the Equinox I was interested in online. Knoepfler Chevrolet was in the running right on target with the price and model I was looking to purchase.

How was your experience with your Sales Associate? After sending an email request to Knoepfler Chevrolet, I was contacted by Renette. She said she was interested in answering any questions I had about the Equinox and would be happy to have me come in to drive one. I had an extremely positive experience with Renette. She was very helpful and answered all my questions fairly and honestly. She did everything in order to help the process go smoothly.

While working with the other employees, did you feel that they were honest and respectful?
Yes, absolutely. It is a big purchase and commitment and something that takes time, research and thought. I felt comfortable asking any question. Everyone was very friendly and willing to assist me in any way they could. I felt it wasn't just about making a sale with them, but rather making sure I was completely satisfied with the experience overall.

Overall, how was your buying experience? It was overall a great experience, and I am so thrilled to have made the purchase close to home. I met the service department manager and found out how to schedule vehicle maintenance. Renette helped set up the OnStar and XM features as well as offered any assistance during and after the purchase should a question come up.

There used to be a stigma that women car buys are treated differently. Do you think that is still true today? I never felt during my car buying experience that I was treated any differently because I was a woman. I think there are many women out there who are independent and making their own
vehicle purchases. I have worked with both men and women sales associates alike and didn't feel that was a factor in the sale of the vehicle. It just proves that women have made the conscious effort to empower themselves in any situation that arises including financial independence. Car dealerships are aware of this and are evolving as well to meet the needs of every car buyer whether man or woman.

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