Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Easy Trunk or Treat Ideas

A Trunk-or-Treat event is a new take on Halloween trick-or-treating. At a trunk-or-treat event, which usually takes place in a parking lot,  you walk car to car to trick-or-treat instead of visiting house to house. The event is great for little children, because there is less walking and its a safer environment. Participants hand out the candy from the trunk of their vehicles. Some people go all out for this event by decorating their vehicle to match a different theme, movie or event. We complied some easy and fairly inexpensive ways to dress up your vehicle for a Trunk-or-Treat event.

1. Big Mouth
Cut teeth out of construction paper and a large tongue out of a plastic table cloth to make the mouth. Then fill the mouth up with candy! 

2. I Spy
Your vehicle can become an interactive game by requiring the children to at least find one "I Spy" item before they get a piece of candy.

3. Andy's Room from Toy Story
If you have a child that's a Toy Story fan, this idea is easy to put together. Create a small bed and fill it with all the characters from Toy Story to create "Andy's Room".

4. Spiders
Create an easy spider's web by visiting a Halloween store for fake spider's webs and large spiders. The children will be nervous to reach in for candy!

5. Drive-In
Paint a large piece of cardboard to look like your favorite drive-thru restaurant. 

6. Sports' Tailgate
Gather all of your tailgating items and sports memorabilia to easily create a sports themed vehicle. 

7. Beehive
With the help of a yellow tarp or plastic tablecloth, you can transform your vehicle into a beehive. Participants can dress up at the bumble bees to add to the theme. 

8. Zoo
With the help of your child's stuffed animal collection, you can create an adorable zoo! 

9. Camp Site
Gather up your camping equipment and turn your vehicle into a camp site!

10. Cookie Monster
Use a blue tablecloth and cardboard cookies to transform your vehicle into the Cookie Monster. Give out small packages of cookies instead of candy. 


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